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Student Union Council Elections

The Student Union Council Elections 2023 is here

The voting in the Student Council Elections is done fully electronically. You vote by logging in to the voting system with your short ÅAU-username. After that you write in the number of the candidate you want to vote for.

Advance voting takes place 24–27 October 2023.

The actual voting days takes place 7–8 November2023.

The electronic polling stations close at 3 p.m. on 8 November.

Here under you can find the link to the electronic polling station!

Vote here!

Election compass for the Student Union Council Election

National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) has published an election compass for all the student unions that will organise student union council elections this year.

ÅAS’ election compass can be found here.

Student Union Council Elections in a nutshell

Every two years all members of the Student Union vote in the Student Union Council Elections. There, a new Student Union Council is elected for the following two calendar years, that gets to make decisions regarding the Student Union. The Student Union Council is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union. The Council makes decisions on, inter alia, the Student Union’s budget and guidelines. Aside from that the Council chooses student representatives and elects the members om the Executive Board. The people elected after this election will thus lead the Student Union during the period 2024–2025.

You are a member of the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University (ÅAS) if you are a degree student (bachelor’s and/or master’s degree) at Åbo Akademi University. As a post-graduate student you can become a member by paying the Student Union membership fee. If you are unsure of whether you have the right to vote, you can check by yourself if you are included in the electoral register. You can do that here! (Open 13–18.9.2023) On the Student Union webpage you can find more information about ÅAS as an organization.

Election compass för the Student Union’s Council Elections 2023

The National Union of University Students in Finland (FSF) will provide an election compass. It will be published closer to the election days.


What is a student representative?

What is a student representative and how do they work?

If you have any questions about being a student representative, please contact Student’s Rights Expert Petra Lindblad (

What is a student representative?

A student representative member, who has been elected to be part of a group that makes decisions or makes plans for different things at ÅAU. The student representative is an equal member of the group.

What is the workload like?

As a student representative you are expected to read the materials sent out before meetings and have opinions on the topics discussed. You do not have “work tasks”, such as writing long texts or organizing practical matters. The Faculty Councils have meetings about once a month, and you can expect a few hours per month for preparations, going to the meeting itself, and maybe having discussions with the other representatives or the Student Union afterwards. Groups that have meetings less frequently require less time, while the ÅAU Board members have a lot of materials and matters to go through, which means they likely put several hours on preparations.

How do you become a student representative?

Vacant positions are always posted on the Student Union’s website, in the Student Union’s newsletter and most are also posted on ÅAS’s social media. The announcement contains practical information on how to apply.

Are there other assignments or roles outside of ÅAU?

Yes, certain projects that ÅAU collaborates on with another university may have student representatives. Housing foundations, student health services, and other entities that provide services for students also have student representatives. These representatives are also chosen by ÅAS.

What is required of a student representative?

The most important requirement is an interest in making things better for all students. You don’t need to be familiar with meeting techniques, rules, and laws, or have prior experience in advocacy work. A student representative is an expert in their own experience – you know what it’s like to study your subject at ÅAU right now. The most important qualities include being willing to ask questions, share your own daily experiences, and empathize with how other students are doing. You represent everyone from your faculty or all students at ÅAU, not just yourself.

Who can become a student representative?

Anyone studying at ÅAU, regardless of their field of study, age, or stage of studies, can become a student representative. Student representation works best when it includes people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, as this allows for a wider range of opinions and viewpoints. The goal of university democracy and collaboration between staff and students is to make the student experience and education as excellent as possible.

What happens if one can no longer continue as a representative?

If a student is graduating, they should contact ÅAS and the secretary of the group they are part of well in advance. A new representative can then be chosen, ensuring a smooth transition without a representation gap.

If a student is still enrolled at ÅA but faces circumstances preventing them from fulfilling their role, they can apply for an exemption. If it’s a short-term issue, they can discuss with their deputy or ÅAS to determine the best course of action.

How does it actually work?

After being elected, ÅAS communicates the names of the representatives to ÅAU, often to the secretary of the respective group. Information about meetings, materials, and any necessary training is then provided by ÅAU. If the group uses Teams, you will be added to it.

Our student representatives

Here you can find all our student representatives within Åbo Akademi University, as well as other collaborative organizations, listed. Join our team – available positions are announced as news on the front page of the website and sent out in the weekly newsletter to all ÅAU undergraduate students.

Styrelsen för Åbo Akademi

Mandatperiod 1.1. 2023–31.12.2024


Fanny Jonasson
Erik Östman

Rektors ledningsråd


Nicolina Nordman, ÅAS styrelseordförande 2023


Mandatperiod 1.1.2022–31.12.2024

Medlem – Suppleant

Ines Latvala – Alexander Kruglov
Axel Wilson – Casimir Ruohomaa
Pernilla Bagge – Rudolf Tommos
Ida Nordell – William Törnqvist
Ida Wikman – Maisa Niemi
Matilda Mäkelä – Antonia Holmgren
Markus Hakala – Samuel Skrifvars
Felix Räykkylä – Demitra Ahlskog

Axel Wilson är studenternas representant i universitetskollegiets beredningsutskott.

Delegationen för Åbo Akademi i Vasa


Aina Vicente Bexell (FPV) och Axel Pakarinen (FSEJ)

Faktultetsråden: Fakulteten för pedagogik och välfärdsstudier (FPV)

Mandatperioden 1.8.2021–31.7.2023

Medlem – Suppleant

Pernilla Bagge – Alex Rautanen
Jan Welroos – Agneta Wikman
Pia Enberg Jenna – Sederström
Emma Udd Christa – Borgman
Alexandra Westerlund – Vanja Snabb

Faktultetsråden: Fakulteten för samhällsvetenskaper, ekonomi och juridik (FSEJ)

Mandatperioden 1.8.2021–31.7.2023

Medlem – Suppleant

Emelie Berglund – Ramses Paalanen
Esther Djupsund – Rickard Lindholm
Joonas Karlsson – Miika Alhopuro
Hanna Kuusinen – Ida Wikman
Benina Uotinen – Aleksandra Sjöberg

Faktultetsråden: Fakulteten för humaniora, psykologi och teologi (FHPT)

Mandatperioden 1.8.2021–31.7.2023

Medlem – Suppleant

Annina Forsblom – Linnéa Backholm
Caroline Lövkvist – Sofie Långstedt
Daniel Wickström – Robin Mirzeler
Sigurd Möller – Alexandra Nummenpää

Faktultetsråden: Fakulteten för naturvetenskaper och teknik (FNT)

Mandatperioden 1.8.2021–31.7.2023

Medlem – Suppleant

Jens Sabel – William Törnqvist
Ida Nordell – Ann-Louise Hakalax
Michaela Sandström – Robert Johansson
Axel Wilson – Jenny Ek

Utbildningsstrategiska rådet

Mandatperiod 1.8.2022–31.7.2024


Vera Eriksson (FHPT), Mi Adolfsson (FNT), Adam Lahtinen (FPV) och Amanda Byskata (FSEJ)

Åbo Akademis krisledningsgrupp


Generalsekreterare Veera Julin och styrelsemedlem Vanessa Björklund

Språkrådet för ÅA


Katarina Rancken

Kulturråd för ÅA


Alexandra Westerlund och Daniel Wickström

Rådet för ämnesklustret Handelshögskolan


Elli Männikkö och Felix Wuorio


Hanna Kuusinen och Emilia Nordenswan

Styrgruppen för fullskalig juristutbildning


Linnéa Lönnqvist (Stadgas högskolepolitiskt ansvariga fungerar som studrep i gruppen)

Ledningsgruppen för klasslärarutbildningen

Mandatperiod 1.8.2021–31.7.2023

Medlem – Suppleant

Aina Vicente Bexell
Christa Borgman

Direktionen för Vasa Övningsskola

Mandatperiod 1.8. 2022–31.7. 2025

Medlem – Suppleant

Kasper Björkqvist – Mathilda Lönn

Ledningsgruppen för ämneslärarutbildningen i Vasa

Våren 2023


Mattias Eriksson och Rasmus Bergfolk

Arbetsgrupp för ämneslärarutbildningen

Mandatperiod 1.1.2023–31.12.2024


Carl-Ivar Back, Elin Laihorinne och Robin Mirzeler
Michaela Sandström

Jämställdhetskommittén för ÅA

Mandatperiod 1.1.2022–31.12.2024

Medlem – Suppleant

Linn Gröndahl – Lovis Simon

Åbo Akademis examensnämnd

Mandatperiod 1.8.2022-31.7.2024


Herman Björk, Amanda Byskata, Rikhard Hautala och Anna Lund

Valnämnd för Åbo Akademi

Mandatperiod 1.1.2021–31.12.2023

Medlem – Suppleant

Gabriella Raittila – Casimir Ruohomaa

Gruppen för hållbarhet i undervisning


Sofia Sandström och Carolin Markusbacka

Gruppen för hållbarhet gällande campus och beräkningar


Risto Ruohola och Michaela Sandström

Rådet för centret för livslångt lärande (CLL)

Mandatperiod 1.1.2023–31.12.2025


Rita Hollsten och Jan Welroos

Ledningsgruppen för institutet för mänskliga rättigheter


Mia Varho

Hälsovård och boende: Studenternas hälsovårdsstiftelse (SHVS) direktion för det västra serviceområdet


Salla Lahdentausta

Hälsovård och boende: Studenternas hälsovårdsstiftelse (SHVS) hälsoarbetsgrupper


Kajsa Viitamäki och Petra Lindblad (Åbo), Lina Sjöberg (Vasa)

Hälsovård och boende: Åbo studentbystiftelses (TYS) styrelse


Jasmin Öberg

Hälsovård och boende: Svenska lärarhögskolans stiftelses (Lärkans) styrelse


Axel Pakarinen

Hälsovård och boende: Svenska lärarhögskolans stiftelses (Lärkans) delegation


Amanda Björk och Michelle Storm (2021–2023), Pernilla Bagge och Angelina Nyblom (2022–2024)