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Finance department

The Student Union may conduct business to financially support the non-profit activities, as well as to offer service to the members of the Student Union.

All business conducted by the Student Union to finance its own operations, is under the finance department. The Finance department, whose members are elected by the Counsil, oversees the business, while the CEO prepares matters and executes the decisions by the Finance department.

ÅAS statutes, 1 §

Financial Board (ED)

The Financial Board consists of a chairperson, vice chairperson, one member, and three expert members.

The Financial Board:

  • Running Kårkaféerna (4 pcs.)
  • Management of the property Kåren (Tavastgatan 22)
  • Management of Havtornen in Vasa (with the Service Expert in Vasa)
  • Investment activities (management of several funds)
  • Free market housings

The Student Union’s economy lies today on a solid level, and its balance turnover is approximately 8 million euro.


The Student Union house Kåren, is located at Tavastgatan 22 in Åbo, and accomodates the Student Union office, a lunch restaurant, catering restaurant, ball room, sauna, meeting rooms, student housing Tavasthem, and premises rented out to external actors. Campus Sport Roddis is nowadays located in the old rowing pool room. Kåren’s premises are available to rent for both associations, students, private persons and companies.

Havtornen is the Student Union house in Vasa. Havtornen served previously as an elevator tower for the steam mill and was rebuilt to accommodate the Student Union’s needs. Havtornen was out into use during fall 2007 and today it accommodates the Student Union’s office in Vasa, meeting spaces, representation premises, and a sauna. Havtornen’s premises are available for rent for both private persons and companies.


The student restaurants Arken, Aurum, ASA, och Kåren serve versatile and affordable lunches and selection of café assortments all weekdays. The restaurants also offer catering for events at its premises. More information on the restaurants can be found at its own webpages.