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The Frescher´s Fair

Every autumn, the Fresher’s Fair is organized at Kåren in Åbo and at Academill in Vasa. It’s a perfect opportunity for both new and returning students to get acquainted with the associations at Åbo Akademi University, and meet the ÅAS board members and staff.

The associations typically sell their overalls patches and merch, recruit members, and perhaps even organize a fun competition. Here, you can also pick up a Student Union Calendar or maybe purchase a Student Union ribbon for all the parties throughout the year.

Student Associations’ Fair

The Student Associations’ Fair is organized during the spring semester at Kåren and Academill, and it’s similar to the Fresher´s Fair in many ways. Here, you can meet the new boards, buy overall patches, and perhaps even a lyre, so both the overalls and caps are ready for the spring festivities!

Attendance is free for vistors and ÅAS´ associations

Visiting the fairs is always free, but it may be a good idea to bring cash or use options like MobilePay if you wish to make any purchases. For ÅAS´ associations, participation is free, while for external non-profit organizations, it costs 20 €, and for other businesses and associations, it costs 50 €.