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Starting Package

As a member of ÅAS and international exchange student you are entitled to hiring a starting package from one of our starting package storages in Åbo or Vasa.


The starting package contains various must-have items, such as kitchen utensils, blanket, and pillow, that will make your stay in Finland a lot more comfortable, and less expensive. Please note that bed linens, pillowcase, blanket covers and curtains are not included in the starting package.


For more information about the starting package in Åbo, please visit TYY’s website.


The starting package in Vasa is located in the middle of Academill, in room C224, Strandgatan 2.

The student unions of Åbo Akademi University (ÅAS) and Novia University of Applied Sciences (Novium) run the starting package storage in order to help international exchange students get started in Finland. The storage follows the terms of use established by the student unions, and conditions may be subject to change at their discretion.

How to rent a Starting Package?

Packages can be rented only by exchange student members of the student unions. When renting a starting package, you must prove your membership in a student union or enrolment at the above-mentioned schools, as well as present a receipt that you have paid the starting package rental and deposit fees. The starting package is personal and neither the package nor any of its contents may be passed on to any other person.

A starting package may be borrowed for a maximum time of twelve (12) months. If a package has not been returned 12 months after it was borrowed, the borrower will lose the entire deposit.

The rent for the Starting Package is €20.00. In order to receive a starting package, you will also pay a deposit fee of €60.00. The deposit fee is refundable upon return of the complete and clean package, in the same conditions as when rented. Students with an EU bank account will receive the refund as a transfer to the home bank account. Non-Eu students can also pay the starting package directly to Novium’s bank account but will also pay the fee that their bank and Novium’s bank will take for the transactions. When the deposit is paid back notice that the bank fee is included in the deposit of the returning sum €. We are not responsible for what the non-EU banks fee is. Note that we do not accept or handle cash.

Payment information

The rent and the deposit fee, which in total is €80.00, shall be paid to Studerandekåren vid Yrkeshögskolan Novia – Novium. Bank account information is below. Please, remember the reference number when paying.

Account name: Studerandekåren vid Yrkeshögskolan Novia – Novium
Account number, IBAN: FI36 4958 0010 1311 53
Reference number: 1311 536
Sum: 80.00 euro

Save the receipt, which ought to show the bank’s archiving code. You need to show the receipt when signing out your starting package.

Checklist for renting the Starting Package

Please read the following before filling out the contract paper and sending it to the Starting Package officer!

  • Please fill out the contract paper electronically (not by hand)
  • In order to fill out the contract, you may have to save it on your computer
  • Please send the filled-out contract and receipt to in order to reserve your package
  • When the agreement is accepted by the staff, please schedule a pick-up time for you or your tutor
  • The number of items is filled out upon collecting the package
  • The contract is signed in two copies upon picking up the package, one for you and one for the staff
  • The contract paper asks for the condition and number of the items in the package so you should not sign it before you have seen the package

Download the Contract Paper [.pdf]

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