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Geologicum is a historical building located behind the cathedral in Turku, near both the campus area and the student union (Kåren).

Geologicum was built between 1831 and 1838. The building was long used by the geological-mineralogical institution, but after their relocation to the Geo-house, the house was primarily used by the mathematical institution. During 2021–2023, ÅAS had the opportunity to offer dedicated premises to the student associations in Åbo at Geologicum.

An ongoing rental agreement for spaces has been established between ÅAU and ÅAS. ÅAS is responsible for allocating the premises among the associations and signing agreements with them. The associations have access to approximately 600 square meters of space, which provides them with the tools to continue being a vital part of student life in Åbo.

At present, 26 associations have their own or shared rooms at Geologicum. There are two common areas on the first floor, and two more on the second floor, where you can also find the so-called Knarrsalen.

All students with a gray HID key have the opportunity to use Geologicum’s public spaces or visit the clubs between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. (7.00–23.00).
ÅAS would like to express their thanks not only to ÅAU but also to the Åbo Akademi University Foundation, which owns the building.

FAQ Geologicum

When can I visit the Geologicum building?

Everyone with a gray HID key has access to Geologicum between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., whether you belong to a board or not. If an association needs special arrangements regarding access times, for example, for an celebration or the like, you can contact

Can I or my association book any rooms in Geologicum?

There are two rooms on the first floor and the auditorium that you can book through Peppi.

Our student association would like to have a room in Geologicum – is there any available?

Currently, all rooms are occupied, but feel free to contact to be placed on the waiting list and to be notified if something becomes available.

Can the associations organize events at Geologicum?

Student associations are free to organize alcohol-free events in their own rooms or in the public spaces available. If the event continues after 6 p.m., please notify the security personnel by filling out a report on the Intranet.

Accessibility Information

  • Handrail at the front staircase
  • Inaccessible for wheelchair users due to steps at both the first and second floors, heavy doors, and an old building with narrow corridors and doorways.
  • There are no accessible restrooms.
  • There are no elevators.