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You can find the contact information on our contact page.

Secretary General

The main task of the Secretary General is to ensure that the Student Union’s strategy is implemented in day-to-day operations. Responsibilities include leading and developing the Student Union’s activities. Together with the Board and the Student Union Council the Secretary General works to make the Student Union an even stronger and more knowledgeable organisation in the field of student advocacy work.

The Secretary General is the supervisor of the staff and supports the Board in their work. The Secretary General collaborates closely with the CEO and is responsible for ensuring that the Student Union’s daily operations are efficient and functional. Additionally, the Secretary General serves as the secretary in several bodies within the Student Union.

Students’ Rights Expert

The Student’s Rights Expert is responsible for providing support to students who experience problems in their academic life. This includes issues related to education and educational policy, such as efforts to influence teaching, study guidance, and support services for teaching at Åbo Akademi University, as well as contact and support for student representatives within university administration and questions regarding student legal protection.

Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist is responsible for the Student Union’s internal and external communication, website administration and development, as well as the Student Union’s visibility on social media.

Service Expert (Åbo)

The Service Expert is responsible for customer service and administrative tasks at the Student Union of ÅAU, and is the person you will meet at the counter at the Service Point.

Among the Service Expert’s duties are, for example, matters related to the student card and the sale of Student Union merchandise. The Service Expert also sends out the newsletter and serves as a contact person for the Student Union’s student associations.

Service Expert (Vasa)

The Service Expert is responsible for the Service Point in Vasa, which means they handle the sale of Student Union merchandise, and the administration of student cards for students in Vasa. The Service Expert also manages all matters related to the rental and use of Havtornen.