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On this page we have complied different forms of counsel a student might need. You can also contact someone at Student Union about counselling. We can help you forward to ensure you receive best possible help.

Harassment Contact Person

The Student Union has two employees who act as harassment contact persons, with professional secrecy. You can read more about what they do and how you can contact the Student Union Harassment Contact Persons here.

Legal counselling

The counselling is free of charge for Student Union members.

Please note that the local division is due to the instances being located at different places, you can use whichever you prefer.


You can turn to the lawyer with miscellaneous legal issues regarding taxes, inheritance, living (e.g., rental agreement), employment (e.g., employment contact) etc. Please observe that the compilation or writing of contracts and agreements are not a part of the services provided.

The reception is open every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the premises of The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY). The address is Rektorsåkersvägen 4, YO-talo, B staircase, 2nd floor. Entrance through the elevator of the B-building or though the stairs of the C-building. You can also call at 045 843 3428 during the opening hours.


Justus ry/r.f offers free legal aid and legal couselling for higher degree students in Vasa. The legal aid committee offers counselling in Finnish and Swedish in all legal areas, exceptionally matters regarding taxes. We are happy to help you with e.g., family and estate matters, matters regarding rental or employee conditions, as well as matters regarding student financial support. All information provided or matters addressed are treated as strictly confidential.

Justus ry/r.f. is the subject association for law students at the University of Helsinki in Vasa. The legal aid committee operates under Justus ry/r.f. and is a committee that offers legal counselling and consists of law students in Vasa.

If you need legal aid, contact (In Swedish):ättshjälp

Univesrity Chaplains

When you need to pause and reflect on choices, relationships, studies, faith, and doubts, you can contact the university chaplains. The university chaplain has a duty of confidentiality and is also available for baptism, marriage, confirmation, or funeral services. The university chaplain always respects everyone’s worldviews, cultural backgrounds, gender, sexual orientations, or political/ ideological beliefs. They also offer free and confidential counselling and support sessions.

The university chaplain in Åbo is Mia Pusa. Mia speaks Swedish, English, and Finnish. Mia holds office hours at the Student Union’s Service Point on Wednesdays from 1 to 2 p.m. (13:00–14:00). You can reach Mia on or by phone on 040 341 7296.

The university chaplain in Vasa is Hanna Jern, and she can be reached at and 044 480 8327.

Advise on your legal protection at ÅAU

As a student you may, unfortunately, sometimes find yourself in difficult situations. It could be that you feel unfairly assessed in an assignment or exam. You may be accused of cheating or plagiarism. Or it could be as simple as a delay in receiving the results of an exam, and you need to have your study credits registered as quickly as possible for internships, financial aid, summer jobs, etc. The Students’ Rights Expert is available to assist whenever the legal protection of students is at risk.

The Students’ Rights Expert can assist with questions related to both education and support functions and services. They can also help you find the right person at ÅAU who can answer your questions. Matters discussed are not forwarded unless the student wishes to do so; you can remain anonymous even if the issues are relayed to the university. Knowledge of procedures and potential issues at ÅA is also beneficial for ÅAS when discussing matters with university staff or planning various campaigns.

Support and service from the university

Åbo Akademi University offers a variety of support and services at its units. See the ÅAU intranet for links and descriptions on all matters and questions from student financial support and IT support.