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Join the Student Union’s operations

Student Union Council

The Student Union Council is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union and is elected by its members in the Student Union Council election, i.e., by you and all the others who study at ÅAU.

The Council consists of 25 members, and their term of office is two calendar years.

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Executive Board

The Board exercises the administrative and executive power of the Student Union. The Board and their areas of responsibility are elected and determined at the inaugural meeting of the General Assembly, which is the first meeting held before each operational year.

The Board’s responsibilities include preparing matters to be handled by the Council, implementing the decisions of the Council, executing the Interest Sector’s budget, and handling and deciding on matters that, according to the Student Union’s statutes, do not fall under any other body.

The distribution of responsibilities, and the contact information of the Board Members can be found on our contact page.


The committees support the Student Union and the Board in different matters. No advance requirements needed for applications for chairperson or member of the committees, just an interest and curiosity for the subject.

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