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The Equality Committee

The committee supports the Student Union and the Board in their efforts to create an even more equal and inclusive student union.

We hope that students from both Åbo and Vasa will apply to join the committee because it’s important to have perspectives from both campuses. If you have anything you want to improve within the Student Union regarding for example gender equality, or if you simply want to discuss issues related to this topic, you are warmly welcome to apply!

The Environmental Committee

The environmental committee supports the Board on environmental matters. The committee consists of a Chair and members. During 2021 and 2022, the Environmental committee organized climate evenings, signed an open letter and took part in a national sustainability project.

Both the Chair and the members are free to shape the activities of the committee, in accordance with own preferences. Cooperation and communication are key. You do not need previous experience to participate, only an interest in, or curiosity of environmental work. We hope to have applicants from both Åbo and Vasa, as it is important to gain perspective from both cities. If this sounds like something for you, feel free apply to the environmental committee.

International committee

The international committee was founded in 2022. The international committee supports the Board in including international students in its activities and operations.

You do not need previous experience to become a member of the committee. If you have ideas on how to better include international students, you should absolutely apply!

Join the committees

The Chairpersons of the committees are responsible for convening meetings, circa one meeting per month. The Chair leads the meeting and delegates tasks to the members of the committee. No previous experience is needed to apply for Chair or member, an interest in and curiosity about the subject is enough!