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Student Union’s items for festive celebrations

The following items can be rented from our service points in Åbo and Vasa

Pryl Items
Marskalkstav Marshal rod A copy, the original is not available for rent.
Marskalksband Student Union ribbon / Marshal ribbon Max 2 pcs.
Snapsklocka Schnapps bell
Finlands flagga The Finnish Flag
Fanfot Flag stand Single or double
Vita handskar White gloves Per pair (M/L/XL)
  • The Student Union’s loanable items are only rented to associations within ÅAS
  • To book the Student Union items, contact (Åbo) or (Vasa), or visit one of our Service Points during the opening hours.
  • The Student Union items are signed out on the same day that the event is arranged or the last weekday before the event. NOTE! The Student Union items are only loaned out during office hours, as mentioned above.
  • When the items are signed out, the borrower accepts responsibility for the items and if any of the items are returned broken, dirty or not at all, ÅAS has the right to bill the borrower of the sum it costs to repair or replace the item(s). The minimum compensation is 20 euros.
  • The person who, on behalf of the association, signs out the Student Union items is personally responsible for the items until they are returned to the Service Point.
  • The Student Union items are returned to the Service Point before 1 p.m. the following weekday, when it is open.
  • If the Student Union items are returned too late (see nr. 6) ÅAS will charge a penalty of 10 euros per late item per day (after 1 p.m. on the same day).