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Nominations for recipients of Brahelyran and for ÅAS honorary member

News — 27.10.2023

Who would you like to see as a recipient of Brahelyran? Who do you think we should call as an honorary member?

The Student Union of ÅAU celebrates 105 years in 2024. In connection with the festivities, we hand out the customary badges of merit. The highest decoration, Brahelyran, is not awarded every year, but only after careful consideration to people who have made a particularly great contribution to the union. The Student Union may also call honorary members. At the next jubilee we would like to pay special attention to those who receive these honors. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to nominate people who they think deserve them. 

According to ÅAS’s regulations for scholarships and awards, 50 members of the Student Union can submit a written proposal to the Presidium, whereafter 21 council members need to finalize and approve the nomination.  This applies when proposing an honorary member and/ or Brahelyran. 

ÅAS’s current honorary members can be found here. 

Recipients of Brahelyran 1994–2019

31Johan Nikula1994
32Johanna Aminoff-Winberg 1994
33Elisabet Kurtén1994
34Bengt Stenlund1999
35Anne Peltonen 1999
36Gunnar Högnäs2004
37Patrik Fellman2004
38Lena Backman2009
39Markku Suksi2009
40Ludvig Forsman2012
41Anna Litonius2012
42Stefan Wallin2014
43Tommy Sandås2019
44Monika Antikainen2019

The honours will be awarded at the Annual Ball

The honours will be awarded at the Student Union’s Annual Ball on 17 February 2024. 

As a Student Union member, you can influence the election of honorary members and recipients of Brahelyran in two ways: gather at least 50 of the Student Union’s members and send in your nomination to the Presidium ( or send an email to the Secretary General ( and the Board will take the nomination into consideration. The Board’s unanimous proposal is sent to the Presidium. 

Deadline for nominations is 13 November at noon.