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Donation to All our children

News — 14.11.2023

The Student Union Council has decided to make a donation to All Our Children that promotes equality for children and young people, and works on eradicating racism and discrimination.

The Student Union of Åbo Akademi University (ÅAS) has always strived to be an inclusive and safe place for all students, regardless of their background or experiences. This year, when ÅAS’ presidium considered which organisation to donate to, All Our Children was an obvious recommendation. All Our Children is an organisation devoted to promoting equality for children and young people, with a special focus on eradicating racism and discrimination. 

– We are determined to not only talk about the fact that everyone is welcome in our organisation, but to also work for it actively. Racism and discrimination have no place in our society, and not in our student union. We cannot stand idly by when we see disturbing news about racism in our government, or anywhere else in society. We must act and try to resolve the situation, says the Chair of the Student Union Council, Ines Latvala.

The Student Union is here for all students, regardless of their background, and ÅAS strives to create a community where everyone can feel included and welcome. Active work in condemning and eradicating racism is not only right, but a necessity. ÅAS stands side by side with organisations such as All Our Children in the fight against racism and discrimination. By donating to their work, the Student Union of ÅAU hopes to be able to contribute to a better and more inclusive future for everyone.

Together, we can make real difference and show that racism has no place in either our operations or in society.