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April fool’s: ÅAS and Kårkaféerna are going to invest in locally produced commodities

News — 1.4.2024

The Student Union of ÅAU continues to work for the climate as the backyard of the Kåren building will be transformed into a root vegetable garden in collaboration with Kårkaféerna.

As a part of the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University’s (ÅAS) environmental plan to combat climate change, both the Student Union and Kårkaféerna have made significant efforts to promote locally produced food. To continue working for the environment, the backyard of the Kåren building will be transformed into a garden where root vegetables will be cultivated. Based on the results of Kårkaféerna’s customer questionnaire, the focus will primarily be on locally produced beetroots.

The Student Union is committed to environmental efforts in both campuses, therefore the terrace of the Havtornen building in Vasa will be converted into a fishing pier. Rumor has it that fish fingers are very popular at Academill, and ÅAS aims to compete in the local fish finger market and secure its share of the profit.

In the near future, ÅAS will recruit both gardeners and fishermen. Both the Student Union and Kårkaféerna hope that as many as possible will apply for these sought-after positions.

This news article is ÅAS’ this year’s April fool’s joke, and was made in collaboration with Kårkaféerna.