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 Welcome (back) to the university!

Blog — 25.8.2021

Summer goes towards autumn, the leaves go from green to yellow, and students once again fill the cities with life and movement. Welcome back or for you who start the first year of your studies, welcome to the university and the student life!

I remember that when I moved to a new city, I was met by hundreds of unfamiliar faces and got a whole bunch of new information. There were many new impressions and a lot to remember. Which also is how it should be during the orientation week. Among all this, I also heard about different associations and the Student Union, but it took a while before I understood what all that meant.

Now, six years later and as a board member of the Student Union, I know how important the first year, weeks, and days are when you start studying. There are many people that work hard to ensure that you have the best start to your studies at ÅAU. One of them is The Student Union of Åbo Akademi University, whose board and staff are available to you. We will be visible around campus and digitally to meet you. This autumn, many new-old students will return and it is important for us that you have everything you need when you start your studies again. Therefore, ÅAS has compiled a checklist for all students with things that are good to remember:

  1. Remember to register for attendance no later than 3.9 at 15:00
  2. If you are studying for a degree, pay the healthcare fee no later than 30.9 at Kela (This does not apply to exchange students!)
  3. Order a student card or download the Frank app
  4. Pick up your student card sticker for the year from either Kåren in Åbo or Havtornen in Vasa
  5. Follow the Student Union and Åbo Akademi University on social media! There you can often find useful information.
  6. Remember to regularly check your student email

Starting my studies at ÅAU, meant not only new studies: it also meant moving to a new city where I knew nobody. Therefore, I want to end with some tips. Participate in as many events as possible that are arranged, meet outdoors and dare to say hello to new people.

”You can’t sit at home and wait for everyone else to come and say hello to you, if you don’t say hello first”

During times like these when we do not meet as much on site, it is extra important that there are opportunities and contexts where you can socialize and get to know each other. It is important that there is a campus to go to, your own group with which you start your studies and a restaurant where you can chat with the new ones you get to know. ÅAS, Your Student Union, actively lobbies for students to stay on campus as much as possible, feel meaningful and strengthen the feeling that this is a campus where I belong.

See you on campus or on screen!

Julia Liewendahl Member of the Board The Student Union of Åbo Akademi University