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Åbo Pride: ’’Permission to Love – Right to Exist’’

Blog — 25.8.2022

The Åbo Pride-week (22-28 August) has kicked off! Turku Pride continues the gay pride tradition and the LGBT human rights movement that started in 1969 at Stonewall Inn, New York. Turku Pride is a demonstration, a commemoration of Stonewall, a meeting point and a party!

The Student Union of Åbo Akademi University (ÅAS) will show its support for sexual diversity and gender variance. ÅAS will participate in the Åbo Pride-parade (27 August) in the Study in Turku-block together with ÅAU and other institutions of higher education. All students are welcome to march with us in the block! We will wear student overalls, but you can of course wear what you feel like.

Åbo Pride uses the safer space policy. This for example means that we may not assume anyone’s gender or sexuality, that harassment is not tolerated and that everyone has the right to be themselves and to feel safe. We are aware of our privileges, give each other space to be heard and respect each other’s boundaries. In case something goes wrong, it’s important to apologize and do better next time.

Support for students: ÅAS harassment contact persons

ÅAS offers support for students. Two Student Union employees who you can talk to in confidence to get help and support if you have been subject to inappropriate behaviour and jargon, bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment or violence. Harassment on digital platforms is as serious as any other form and a good reason to contact us. The Student Union’s harassment contact persons are Sandra Häggkvist and Petra Lindblad. You can contact them via

Equality work at ÅAS

Everyone is welcome at the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University! You are unique, you are fully allowed to be your true self. ÅAS continually work on achieving equality and on combating different kinds of harassment. We have been involved in working on the new plan about equality, equal treatment and accessibility. We wish that Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) will implement these as soon as possible. In this plan we have formulated the central aims for working on trans people’s rights and wellbeing in study and work environments. It is important for ÅAS that everyone feels safe and well-treated on campus. Physical and digital accessibility shall be supported further for inclusion and equal possibility to participate in studies and student life. We wish that ÅAU will implement a safer space policy. The examples above are from Åbo Pride’s webpage and the National Union of University Students in Finland’s (SYL) document about these principles.

See you on Saturday, come as you are and celebrate love in all its shapes!

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