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The Student Union of ÅAU celebrated its 104th birthday

News — 18.2.2023

The Student Union of ÅAU celebrated its 104th birthday

On 18 February, on Count Per Brahe’s birthday, the Student Union and its associations gave the Count Student Union’s greetings at his statue in Åbo. The annual ball will be held on 23 September in Vasa.

Paupertas a linea – above the poverty line

In her speech, Chair of the Board Nicolina Nordman highlights the financial situation of students. On the wreath are the Latin words ”paupertas a linea” which refers to ”above the poverty line”. That is also the slogan for the National Union of University Students in Finland’s (SYL) election campaign for the parliamentary elections this year. With this gesture, the Chair of the Board Nordman wants to highlight the students’ weak situation, which in the long run leads to a reduced sense of security. An increase of 100 euros would contribute to the increased well-being of students, according to Nordman.

Scholarships and awards

Senator Julius Nummelin’s political science award for the best master’s thesis of the Faculty of Political Science

This year the Senator Julius Nummelin’s political science award was given to Jesper Eklund, for their master’s thesis Vem litar finlandssvenskarna på? En jämförelse av det sociala förtroendet hos svensk- och finskspråkiga i Finland.

Award of Companionship

The committee decided to give the Jaeger-Captain Paul Wallenius’ Award of Companionship to Ines LatvalaBenjamin FinellHerman Björk and Christa Borgman.

Styrelsenål award pin

141. Nora Möller

142. Nicolina Nordman

143. Casimir Ruohomaa

144. Lenita Boullenger

145. Vanessa Björklund

146. Amanda Byskata

147. Samuel Skifvars

148. Lina Sjöberg

149. Kajsa Viitamäki

150. Pernilla Bagge

151. Ines Latvala

Brahevingarna award pin

599. Veera Gustafsson

560. Michelle Storm

561. Ida Nordell

562. Jonatan Wikström

563. Veera Granroth

564. Måns Vikström

Brahevingarna med lyra award pin

134. Matias Martelin