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The ESF-Challenge

Labour Day — 25.4.2022

The ESF-Challenge is an event that takes place every walpurgis week on the 29th of April. The name ESF comes from the old name for the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics which was ESF. Each year the event is hosted by one of the three big student associations at the faculty (SF-Klubben, Merkantila klubben and Stadga). The event is like a big scavenger hunt around campus, much like the freshers’ inauguration event in the fall, where you can sign up with a team. During the scavenger hunt, you and your team will go from checkpoint to checkpoint and do different challenges and get points based on your teams performance. The points will be counted at the end of the night and a winner will be announced.

Bild: Anders Mattsson

Your team will also be rewarded bonus points at each checkpoint based on bribes or gifts. So a good advice is for your team to bring good bribes. The bonus points are often the crucial points that determine who wins. The ESF-Challenge is definitely one of the highlights during walpurgis week and I highly recommend it to everyone!