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 The ”Eldprowet”

Labour Day — 26.4.2022

The legendary freshers’ event ”Eldprowet” is organised by the association for technology students in Åbo, traditionally on April 29, students studying chemistry can also participate. “Eldprowet” is a sort of knowledge test that students should participate in, in order to get their technology student cap the next day. The event’s purpose is to create a togetherness for the new students, and for them to feel welcomed as technology students. Different associations and their committees have different tasks during the event, where the participants’ teams try and score as many points as possible to win “Eldprowet”. Much more than that cannot be revealed but you can maybe figure out most of it by the following:

NB! The event is for first year technology students wishing to get their cap on their heads during the May Day celebrations. Traditionally during the “Eldprowet” ******** ******** when the law ******** and ******** until ******** a lot. Every participant get to experience ******** ******** at least three times, and ******** ******** damp. ******** ******** ******** snow. ******** ******** the winners ********, the rest ********. It is absolutely the first year’s most memorable and fun day, and ends in ******** ******** ********.