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Blood Donation at Åbo Svenska Teater, March 13th 2024

Event info
Start 13.03.2024 12:00
End 13.03.2024 18:00
Organizer Åbo Akademis Studentkår, Blodtjänst
Place Åbo Svenska Teater


Put on your student overalls and come give blood! Wednesday 13 March between noon and 6 p.m., ÅAS organises a blood donation together with Blood Service at Åbo Svenska Teater! We hope that as many as possible can participate. The student associations will as traditionally compete for the Drop-cup. Everyone that participates will get an overall patch!

Here are the instructions:
Before you come and donate, please go to, to check if you are eligible for donating blood. After that go to, choose Åbo Svenska Teater, 13 March and choose time. See you there!